SciQ Dataset


Here is the structure of the dataset json files for the train, test, and validation sets:

        "question": "Compounds that are capable of accepting electrons, such as o 2 or f2, are called what?",
        "distractor3": "residues",
        "distractor1": "antioxidants",
        "distractor2": "Oxygen",
        "correct_answer": "oxidants",
        "support": "Oxidants and Reductants Compounds that are capable of accepting electrons, such as O 2 or F2, are calledoxidants (or oxidizing agents) because they can oxidize other compounds. In the process of accepting electrons, an oxidant is reduced. Compounds that are capable of donating electrons, such as sodium metal or cyclohexane (C6H12), are calledreductants (or reducing agents) because they can cause the reduction of another compound. In the process of donating electrons, a reductant is oxidized. These relationships are summarized in Equation 3.30: Equation 3.30 Saylor URL: http://www. saylor. org/books."


  • Question: The question.

  • Distractors: The incorrect answer options.

  • Correct Answer: The correct answer option.

  • Support: A sentence that supports the correct answer option.