geothermal power

geothermal energy

The heat that is used for geothermal power may come to the surface naturally as hot springs or geysers, like The Geysers in northern California. Where water does not naturally come to the surface, engineers may pump cool water into the ground. The water is heated by the hot rock and then pumped back to the surface for use. The hot water or steam from a geothermal well spins a turbine to make electricity. Geothermal energy is clean and safe. The energy source is renewable since hot rock is found everywhere in the Earth, although in many parts of the world the hot rock is not close enough to the surface for building geothermal power plants. In some areas, geothermal power is common (Figure 1.1). In the United States, California is a leader in producing geothermal energy. The largest geothermal power plant in the state is in the Geysers Geothermal Resource Area in Napa and Sonoma Counties. The source of heat is thought to be a large magma chamber lying beneath the area. Where Earths internal heat gets close to the surface, geothermal power is a clean source of energy. In California, The Geysers supplies energy for many nearby homes and businesses. Click image to the left or use the URL below. URL: Click image to the left or use the URL below. URL:


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california is the best developed location in the u.s. for geothermal energy because

-->  a) it is geologically active and heat sources are close to the surface.

b) the state has the technology to drill deeply to get to the hot rock.

c) it is the location of yellowstone national park.

d) none of these.

where does geothermal energy come from?

a) outer space

-->  b) earths internal heat

c) the water cycle

d) the sun

to harness geothermal energy,

a) plants must be built where hot water rises to the surface.

b) cool water is pumped to depth and warm water is pumped back up.

c) steam rises to spin a turbine.

-->  d) all of these.

electricity is generated at a hydrothermal plant when

a) hot water passes downstream through a turbine.

b) hot water travels through pipes and into homes for heat and electricity.

-->  c) steam from a geothermal well spins a turbine.

d) none of these.

geothermal energy creates greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

a) true

-->  b) false

at any geothermal plant, the energy will run out as cold water cools the hot rock.

a) true

-->  b) false

this country gets about one fourth of its electricity from geothermal sources.

a) china

b) turkey

-->  c) iceland

d) nigeria

geothermal energy

-->  a) is useful as it is harnessed.

b) must be processed.

c) must be stored before use.

d) all of the above

the likely source of heat for the largest geothermal plant in california is a large magma chamber.

-->  a) true

b) false

in some locations, hot rocks are too deep to be used for geothermal energy.

-->  a) true

b) false

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