metamorphic rock classification

metamorphic rocks

Table 1.1 shows some common metamorphic rocks and their original parent rock. Picture Rock Name Slate Type of Rock Foliated Metamorphic Comments Phyllite Foliated Metamorphism of slate, but under greater heat and pressure than slate Schist Foliated Often derived from meta- morphism of claystone or shale; metamorphosed under more heat and pres- sure than phyllite Gneiss Foliated Metamorphism of various different rocks, under ex- treme conditions of heat and pressure Hornfels Non-foliated Contact metamorphism of various different rock types Metamorphism of shale Picture Rock Name Comments Quartzite Type of Metamorphic Rock Non-foliated Marble Non-foliated Metamorphism of lime- stone Metaconglomerate Non-foliated Metamorphism of con- glomerate Metamorphism of quartz sandstone Click image to the left or use the URL below. URL:

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slate is a metamorphic rock made from

a) granite

b) limestone

-->  c) shale

d) sandstone

the difference in rocks from slate to phyllite to schist to gneiss is an increase in

a) the size of the crystals of the parent rock.

b) silica.

-->  c) heat and pressure of metamorphism.

d) the number of mafic minerals.

hornfels, quartzite and marble are all foliated.

a) true

-->  b) false

the more extreme the amount of metamorphism, the easier it is to tell what the original rock was.

a) true

-->  b) false

quartzite is a metamorphic rock made from this rock.

a) shale

-->  b) sandstone

c) limestone

d) granite

marble is metamorphosed sandstone.

a) true

-->  b) false

gneiss displays bands because it

-->  a) has undergone extreme metamorphism.

b) is metamorphosed layered sedimentary rock.

c) is metamorphosed hornfels.

d) is chemically altered.

metamorphism of limestone turns into this rock.

a) gneiss

b) hornfels

c) quartzite

-->  d) marble

metaconglomerate is non-foliated and displays the pebbles that were part of it when it was a sedimentary rock.

-->  a) true

b) false

this metamorphic rock derived from clay.

a) slate

b) phyllite

c) schist

-->  d) all of the above

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