sustainable development

sustainable development

Can society change and get on a sustain- able path? A topic generating a great deal of discussion these days is sustainable development. The goals of sustainable development are to: help people out of poverty. protect the environment. use resources no faster than the rate at which they are regenerated. Science can be an important part of sustainable development. When scientists understand how Earths natural systems work, they can recognize how people are impacting them. Scientists can work to develop technologies that can be used to solve problems wisely. An example of a practice that can aid sustainable development is fish farming, as long as it is done in environmentally sound ways. Engineers can develop cleaner energy sources to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Citizens can change their behavior to reduce the impact they have on the planet by demanding products that are produced sustainably. When forests are logged, new trees should be planted. Mining should be done so that the landscape is not destroyed. People can consume less and think more about the impacts of what they do consume. And what of the waste products of society? Will producing all that we need to keep the population growing result in a planet so polluted that the quality of life will be greatly diminished? Will warming temperatures cause problems for human populations? The only answer to all of these questions is, time will tell. Click image to the left or use the URL below. URL:


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as women become educated,

a) they have more babies.

-->  b) their children are healthier.

c) they no longer have time to care for their children.

d) all of these.

for a more sustainable future, human population should be reduced.

-->  a) true

b) false

______ needs to be reduced to achieve a more sustainable future.

a) over-consumption

b) population

c) poverty

-->  d) all of the above

which of these helps to make a more sustainable environment?

-->  a) fish farming, done in an environmentally sound way

b) using more resources

c) replacing wood and metal with plastic products

d) all of the above

to be sustainable, we need to

a) stop using resources.

b) take the resources we have in whatever way possible while we develop new resources.

-->  c) reduce the impact obtaining and using resources has on the planet.

d) all of the above

in order to create a more sustainable environment, we need to use resources faster than they are regenerated.

a) true

-->  b) false

sustainable development is only concerned with protecting the environment.

a) true

-->  b) false

when forests are logged

a) the hillside should be abandoned.

b) fire should be set to clean up debris.

-->  c) new trees should be planted.

d) all of these.

what is the role of science in sustainable development?

a) understanding how humans are impacting earths natural systems.

b) developing technologies to solve the problem of air pollution.

c) understanding and designing ways to reduce global warming.

-->  d) all of these.

to help society become more sustainable every individual should consume less and think about the impacts of what they consume.

-->  a) true

b) false

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